What is the difference between a group and a distribution list in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp just released a new update with which we can convert the classical groups in channels of distribution or communication channels, which are not the same as broadcast lists that already had the application for some time.

For this reason here I will explain to you the differences between one tool and another, as well as the advantages that you have with each one of these choices, all this with the purpose of you can take much more advantage of this instant messaging application.

What is a group?

A group is a chat of WhatsApp with which you can send messages and interact with up to 256 participants at the same time in the same chat, that is to say, it is a place where all members can view the messages, respond to them and view the information of other participants in the same group.

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What is a broadcast list in WhatsApp?

According to WhatsApp, a broadcast List is a list of recipients that is stored. When you use this list, you can re-broadcast a message to the same recipients without having to select them again one by one.

The limit of users you can send a message for a list of spread is also 256.

What are the differences?

Once we are clear about what it is each one of these tools, now let’s talk about the differences, and that is that things are not so complicated. In a group, messages you send are seen by all members, anyone can answer, and these answers will come to all members of the group.

In the broadcast lists be sending the same message to multiple users, but the response you’ll see in an individual way, that is to say, your message will arrive at the chat that you already have contact with the broadcast list, and there you will receive the answer, that is to say, the other members of the distribution list will not be able to see the response.

This works well when you want to make a question to several of your contacts, for example, “Are you okay?”, when it happens some incident or natural disaster.

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The messages that are sent via a distribution list are displayed with a kind of icon of megaphone to one side.

Any way, you are going to create a list with the contacts of that spread, and whenever you want to send a same message to those contacts, then you can occupy this broadcast list.

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