How invasive are the virtual assistants?

Yesterday it was announced that Amazon registered a patent with which Alexa, your virtual assistant, could recognize if the user is sick, by the way that I speak, and if the tone of their voice change.

According to this, Alexa would suggest that you take some type of medication so that the symptoms no longer bother the person in question, and to be able to make the shipment of medicines, would be used to Amazon, but then the question arises how invasive are the virtual assistants.

Google hits Amazon where it hurts with your Google Home Mini

Without a doubt, it is a good idea that can be beneficial for all involved, but when it gets you to think deeply in this kind of situations coming to the fore something that goes against the privacy: Alexa could hear everything, absolutely everything.

It sounds drastic, but it is not as if Amazon considers implementing this business, because that would be to have your virtual assistant that will listen to everything that they would need for their users.

Good intent, bad execution

While this is not a confirmed fact, that Amazon would plan to do would have a slope dangerous and that is the privacy, because it would be invading at the time to be listening to and analyzing the voice of its users, because it would direct attention to the conversations that give the home.

This way, if you listen to a baby crying because her teeth are coming in, Alexa will be able to suggest any particular product and whether it is hearing about a problem with the car, or an appliance need to be repaired.

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The best thing of this entire situation, would not intervene in the life of the people, who are themselves those who will go to the supermarket and/or department stores to acquire their products, especially because it would avoid the problems of privacy and the invasion of the virtual assistants.

Based on this, we don’t have to deal with situations of espionage, just as has been happening with some of the recent cases that have come to light by playing with its users ‘ information, such as have been those of Facebook, Google +, Apple and more. and Partners.

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