How many times do you wear your clothes before washing?

Each one of us have had clothes we wear either for a short period of time or throughout the day, and we wondered if we should use it once more before putting it in the washing machine. Not all know the rules of washing. For example, you need to wash any clothes upside down, as this absorbs the body fluids which are found mainly in the interior. And sometimes our clothing is more soiled than it seems.

In decided to gather a list of times that you can reuse dferentes clothing before having to wash them.

1. Do not reuse the underwear

We believe that all will agree with us that the underwear should be washed after each use. This is just a simple rule of hygiene.

2. Jeans: after 5 or 6 times

A common theme of conversation is the frequency with which you wear your jeans before you wash them. Your parents would say that you should do it every time, even after putting them on just once. But your friends insist that you could ruin your jeans, and that they might lose their color if you wash very often.

All this said, the optimum number of use is 5 to 6 times.

3. T-shirts and tops: after a time

You should treat your t-shirts and tops as your underwear, because they are in close contact with your skin and they absorb most of the sweat. Wash them each time you use it. The only exception is if you were using it for an hour or less.

4. Dresses: after one or two times

It is not necessary to wash your clothes after each use, as this can ruin the fabric and cause wear to your color, especially if you’re wearing a t-shirt underneath. But if you were wearing the dress for a whole day hot of summer, it is best to wash it after use, as it absorbed a lot of sweat.

5. Bra: after 3 or 4 times

In comparison with underwear, you don’t have to wash it every time you use it. Always garment to ventilate after use, you can use it up to 4 times. This does not account for sport bras.

6. Socks, socks, and pantyhose: after each use

Since childhood, all have wise about the rules for wearing socks. Our moms insisted that laváramos after each use. And this is true. Just imagine how many bacteria and dirt accumulate on your feet.

7. Sportswear: after each use

Don’t be lazy, wash your athletic clothes each time you use it in the gym. It does not matter how long have you been training, because you have been sweating and playing the different machines and devices for exercise.

8. Pajamas: after 3 or 4 times of use

The bad smell of the pajamas dirty can ruin your sleep and make you feel tired. Take care of your sleep and keep your pyjamas clean. It is always better to take a shower before sleep and in that case you can use it up to 4 times.

9. Shoes: when they get dirty

Clean your shoes every time they get dirty and according to their condition. But beware of not spoiling them with water, according to the material of these.

10. Skirts, pants and shorts: after 3 times of use

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