How much will it cost the Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) with 4 cameras rear?

Yesterday we gave them all of the information obtained through the web page of Samsung’s new Galaxy A9 (2018), the world’s first phone with 4 cameras rear, which seeks a niche in a competitive mid-range market that Xiaomi and Huawei are sweeping so many parts of the world.

Before continuing let’s review its specifications, as yesterday were some details outstanding like the processor model or the MP of the front camera.

How much will it cost the new samsung Galaxy A9 (2018)?

We have contacted Samsung Mexico to know if the equipment will be available in our country, and if it is as well to know when and at what price, however, for the moment, we have not received a response, so that we will share the updated information when we have details.

But what we do know is the price of output and availability in Europe, so we can give you an idea of the cost that the team may have in Mexico.

Samsung has mentioned that there will be two versions of RAM, but the computer with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage will begin to be sold for 599 EUR, the exchange rate would be approximately 13,200 MXN, this without considering some taxes that could increase the cost of the equipment in Mexico.

And although it is not revealed for the moment, the price with 8GB of RAM, the cost could increase to about 1,200 MXN, which is more or less the price goes up between a computer and another when only increasing the RAM memory, although it could be more or less, that will depend on the brand.

What it will be worth it to pay more than 13,000 MXN by a team of mid-range high?

Although its main feature are the four cameras in the rear, the reality is that I believe that the mark could not have the expected success with this team when it has to deal with brands that offer computers with similar specs for a price of about 8,000 MXN, which is why many might prefer to save more than 5,000 MXN, and having a computer with a performance equal to, or better, but without so many cameras.

Why we don’t need 4 cameras rear on a smartphone

However, this is what we will know later, especially when the team started to be sold in the different markets of the world. and Partners.

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