Beware! Launch alert new bank fraud committed via e-mail

The National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) launched an alert to all cuantahabientes banking on a new attempt of financial fraud in which warns about the cancellation of recipient’s account and then ask for banking details and attack the account of the client.

So they tried to steal my bank details! What to do in these cases

The Condusef shared the appearance of the e-mail to everyone who receives it to delete it immediately. You do not have to be exactly this e-mail, any message via e-mail that you receive you will need to confirm it directly to the number of your bank before you click it or to disclose any information about your account.

This e-mail that comes to any person regardless if you are a customer or not of Bancomer, warning about the supposed cancellation of an account, because, as she explains, the last query that was performed at the atm or online banking was not properly finished.

Who received the money of the hacking banks? It already came out on the comb!

For that reason, the criminals ask you to click on a link that is included to allegedly “to activate your account again”, because if you do not, your card and account will be deleted from the system. But these, obviously, is completely false.

The Condusef not called to click on this e-mail or any similar mail, and reinforced the recommendation to get in touch with your banking institution in the event you receive any notification via e-mail. The same happens for any call and/or text message that you receive.

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