Beware! The Incredible 2 could trigger epileptic seizures

While it was all excitement for the premiere of The Incredible 2 -with its 180 million dollars in the weekend, which made the premiere more powerful of a film animated in the story-the very long awaited sequel from Disney Pixar about a family of super heroes, now Variety has reported that Walt Disney Pictures send a notice to the cinemas to advising its clients that the film can cause epilepsy.

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According to information from Variety, it all started with the tweet of a bystander, who explained that the tape contains several scenes with flashing light, which might affect people with sensitivity to light.

People who suffer from risk of photosensitive epilepsy are at particular risk for The Incredible 2. According to the Epilepsy Foundaion u.s., around 3% of the total number of people who suffer from epilepsy are sensitive to flashing lights or certain visual patterns. This scourge is most common among children and adolescents, public Target for the new film of Disney.

To prevent this type of events, some cinemas in the united States began to display a warning on the scenes with flashing lights in the film, explaining that it could affect people with photosensitive epilepsy and other conditions.

The good news is that, according to Variety, so far there have been detected cases of epilepsy or seizures, to see this film; however, it never hurts to take some precautions.

What has already happened?

Yes. In December 1997, an episode of Pokémon with flashing lights issued in Japan sent over 600 children to the hospital. Although the cases of Pokémon could never be confirmed 100%, the story has some truth. Certain visual stimuli, such as lights interminentes, tend to trigger seizures in some people with high sensitivity to light.

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