Watch Out Spotify! Apple Music already has more paying users in the united States

Surely you remember that a few months ago, the Wall Street Journal published an analysis where it is predicted that in the summer of this year probably Apple Music would far exceed users of payment to Spotify, at least in the united States. It seems that the day has come, and the streaming service of Apple is the new king in his country of origin.

This information has been published by the media specialist, Digital Music News, which mentions that the source is a major distributor of the music industry with headquarters in the united States, which itself has access to the official figures of both companies, as neither Apple nor Spotify tend to share their numbers by market, but global.

According to the information, Spotify has approximately 20 million paying customers in the united States, so Apple Music should have a number very similar, but superior, because according to the source, the difference is small, but real.

The reason why Apple Music has overtaken Spotify is due to that the annual growth of Spotify users was 3%, while that of Apple Music was 5%, a situation with which predicted the time in which a company would overtake the other.

How many songs there are on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Google Play Music and Deezer

We must not leave aside that these data correspond only to the market of the united States, because at a global level, Spotify remains the leader with more than 75 million paying customers, over 45 million subscribers to Apple Music.

However, this news should be alarming for the service to Swedish, which certainly remains one of the best options in the market thanks to their great work, but we must not leave aside that Apple’s Music service is a very complete and very good, in addition to on the other hand, has come to YouTube Music, the moment you have to work on some important points, but that could well exceed even the benefits of Apple Music and Spotify in the near future.

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