Beware of this new scam that involves the criptomonedas

The world is influenced continuously by ideas that become the fashion. So, a short time ago, relatively, all over the world started to talk about Bitcoins, criptomonedas, which do not have a financial institution support. The scheme is functional and in addition, allows a number of controls on the virtual currency, and in addition, continue to allow the anonymity of those who trade in these currencies postmodern.

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Let’s start at the beginning: There is a term that is called the ICO (Initial Coin Offering), which basically means the initial offer for the criptomonedas. This is a method by which it can emit a virtual currency linked to a project, something similar to issue shares of a company, so we understand better. When a company puts shares on sale, which makes it look made of money of those who “invest in these actions.” Investors, to pay for the corresponding value of the shares, expects the company to grow so that, eventually, may sell those shares purchased for a profit.

The criptomonedas are a means to do the same. Proposes a virtual currency and asks for money in this initial offering, in this ICO. I must say that with this scheme have been able to collect in various criptomonedas, something like $ 260 million.

With this in mind, Savedroid, a German company managed to raise $ 50 million in its ICO , and soon, disappeared with the money. The company site shows a picture of the founder of the same, a certain Dr. Yassin Hankir, who put out a tweet thanking the investors and saying “Over and out”, something like “over and out”.

Savedroid assumes that would use Artificial Intelligence to manage the investments of the people, and promised a credit card that was backed by a criptomoneda. The author of this fraud managed very well his cards, for he showed that he had an office perfectly well also that its founder appeared continually in the event.

Someone went to see the offices and found this bleak landscape:

The photograph of mr. Hankir shows that the beer in your hand is egyptian, so it is assumed that the man has already been gone to live in any of the cities of Egypt.

They say that is born a fool every second, and it is probably true, but one thing is clear: the deceived put their trust in a project and of course do not expect that the founder of the same run of the night to the morning, since you are in events, it is popular and apparently has a solid company to provide a channel for the support of the investors.

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