Meet 101-year-old actress of “gone with the wind”, a film that marked an entire era

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Remember the classic movie “gone with the wind”, in the first place, by its main characters: the indomitable Scarlett O’hara and the brave Rhett Butler. However, this tape had several charismatic characters, and one of them, Melanie Hamilton was played by Olivia de Havilland. Today, wants to share with you its history.

This talented actress with all the right is considered one of the divas most famous of the golden age of cinema: the era that not only gave us interesting plots but also the costumes spectacular, and the characters of cult.

The charm and the look smooth not only characterize Melanie, but also to the actress, Olivia. This amazing woman is highlighted by a force of will, tremendous and a huge talent: he won two Oscars as best actress, wrote a book of his memoirs which became a bestseller and even left his imprint in the history of Hollywood as the actress that I managed to win the trial against the industry giant Warner Brothers! After this dramatic process, the contract operators of the actors were replaced by agreements much more sensible.

The actress also stands out for its excellent taste: both of the young as being an adult woman, continued faithful to his style and has always looked impeccably elegant.

We admire this beautiful woman who was able to achieve so many things, and we send our best wishes for your birthday number 101.

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