Met harmless, at first sight, can be considered insults

At least once in their life, every woman has heard a compliment after which she had a doubt: is the praised or insulted? And each one has its own list of “compliments” for those who would be able to tear off a head. Many hate to compare them with an actress, while others find them annoying to constantly remind them that they were overweight, and the rest can’t tolerate when I say “sympathetic”. has compiled some examples of the compliments the more upset, which causes rejection in any woman.

1. “That dress makes you look thin”

What a woman hears: “you’re fat, but that dress does not note too much.”

We all know that a good cut makes the silhouette more elegant, but these things do not say aloud. If you want to mention that a dress is beautiful, tell the person that fits you very well, or that you have a good taste to choose clothes. But in any case insinúes that with other clothes it looks worse.

2. “You are so beautiful today. What is your birthday?”

What a woman hears: “Usually you’re a disaster, but today you look like a normal person.”

It is best to completely remove the word “today” of the praise, because it inadvertently evokes a feeling that you are comparing with the past. The exception can be the compliments that describe the state of mind, for example: “Today you are shining of happiness.”

3. “You look beautiful. You don’t even recognize you”

What a woman hears: “everyone can be beautiful, less you”.

We all know examples of physical transformations amazing: a new look, change of image, loss of weight, among others. But it’s worth understanding that behind change there is always dissatisfaction with the previous image. So, when you say that kind of thing, you remind the person of something painful. If you want to praise the efforts of a friend, rephrased your sentence: “How do you manage to look more stylish year after year?”.

4. “With that hair color you look much younger”

What a woman hears: “Before parecías old”.

Raise the issue of age with compliments is something that’s really very bad. Of course, there are women who don’t care about the years that they have, but they will be indifferent to a compliment on the youth.

5. “But you’re nice / talented”

What a woman hears: “Here’s your consolation prize”.

There is nothing worse than the compliments that begin with a “but”, because they indicate clearly certain shortcomings, “you Are ugly, but good”, “you’re fat, but you’re talented”, “you’re silly, but beautiful”. And you are honest, but rude.

6. “You’re very smart for a girl”

What a woman hears: “you’re Not at the level of a man, but you’re right.”

No one disputes that, sometimes, women who are successful in the so-called “professions and hobbies male” surprise us, and they deserve praise. But in other cases, the compliments that end with the phrase “…for a girl” only cause irritation. Why not merely tell a woman that is smart or leads perfectly, without referring to their gender?

7. “You look great for your age”

What a woman hears: “you’re old, but you’re still not wrong.”

Double insult: a reference to the age and a compliment “with an amendment”. A very small percentage of women may like such a compliment, and even such expressions are only allowed in a family circle or among close friends. It is best not to speak to the ladies as well as little known if you don’t want to treat you as a nasty person.

8. “Excellent hair cut. Not like before…”

What a woman hears: “Before you had a hair cut horrible”.

Any positive change in the appearance should be treated with caution, because with a compliment today it is very easy to discredit the previous image. If you don’t want to be suspected of years of hypocrisy, you choose carefully the words: “hair-Cut brilliant, you get well”, or “what Other hairstyle that great? It looks beautiful”.

9. “Kitchens as rich as my mother”

What a woman hears: “you do Not perceive as a woman.”

There is nothing worse that you compare them with mom. One thinks, what is wrong? But no woman wants a man to look at her and not see the woman of his dreams, but an image of a mother.

10. “It’s great not to worry about your appearance”

What a woman hears: “You look terrible, but you’re lucky not to be bothered by that.”

If this compliment may wish to express the idea that you like women who are not obsessed with your appearance, try to find a better formulation that does not seem that a lady does not care and is not going crazy for that.

11. “How did you get a job / partner like that?”

What a woman hears: “you don’t deserve this job / partner. Only you were lucky”.

Even if your friend managed to get a job that is fascinating, a guy from cover of the magazines, or to win an island in the lottery, must not construct a sentence in a way so rigid. Look, how much better, for example, you see this phrase: “you Have a great job, you’re very smart.” You don’t know how much work there is behind to achieve a dream, so the assumption that someone is “just lucky” can be insulting.

12. “This has been your best idea”

What a woman hears: “The rest of your ideas have been very silly”.

If not witnessed the birth of a brilliant idea for a new business or a novel of the century, this phrase can make the other think that what you consider silly, that during his whole life has generated silly ideas, and now has suddenly said something sensible.

What compliments you irritate? Do you have a list of the best flattery “far-fetched” that you have received? Tell us in the comments section.

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