‘Dakar 18’: a driving simulator really picky

Based on the popular rally organized by Amaury Sport Organisation (A. S. O) in South America, Dakar 18 debut on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with the intention of becoming in the simulator with official license more close to the real counterpart of what is perhaps the off-road competition more extreme in which you can participate at a professional level.

So get ready to face each of the 14 sections through Peru, Bolivia and Argentina in the championship off-road world’s most demanding, piloting a variety of official vehicles such as cars, bikes, trucks, quads and SxS, in one of the worlds open largest that have been created for a title engine. In this aspect, the simulator boasts faithfully represent the vehicles and drivers of each of the 5 categories of races. We’re going to do this.

The motorsport’s most demanding competition on the planet

The stages of the Dakar are long, grueling and raw for those who are not accustomed to this demanding specialty, so that players who are not initiated into the competition should not wait for a title to enact the proposals of the market, those who seek the accommodation of the pilot putting things easier. Dakar, 18 is the synonym of competition is extreme because of its many similarities with the side of real racing. And here we contemplate all the variables, from those linked to adhesion, and the composition of the tracks, to accidents on the road, the repair of damage and some unforeseen events, items and circumstances that remain present from the beginning to the end of each stage, for each stage, to which we must add the well-known difficulties of targeting in this endiablado rally.

In Dakar 18 in the same way that happens in real racing, drivers virtual share the objective of finding and validating all the “points of route” before crossing the finish line in the shortest amount of time possible. It seems simple: each time the lights the left indicator is turned on, the validation has been performed correctly and, therefore, it is possible to continue to the next, but in reality, there is no rule requiring us to do so in a preset sequence or linear. In addition, it does not require the validation of all the intermediate points, that yes, when you omit one or more of them, there are a series of sanctions that even the us can lead to disqualification.

The majority of the route points are not clearly visible, as occurs, for example, in the stages of rally classic; on the contrary, it is possible to find them through the GPS coordinates provided by the organizers. In this way it is possible to follow the route of the track and only that way can we avoid losing a lot of time, bathed in mud with the vehicle stuck in the middle of a sand dune, mud or, in the worst cases, without being able to recover it. To avoid getting lost in these huge territories, we have road books provided by the own drivers to the development team. These roadbooks we provide all the information necessary to avoid situations, because it contains all the data related with the distance and the CAP, which is essentially the exact angle in which we need to drive to get to the nearest waypoint.

Through the desert by car, bike, truck, quad or SxS

Dakar 18 takes us from Peru to Bolivia via Argentina, over the more than twelve thousand square kilometers, where we expect the fourteen stages scheduled. The player can decide what vehicle to face the tortuous career mode: cars, motorcycles, trucks, quads or SxS. With the bikes or quads, the difficulty increases even more, because, in the case of vehicles with a single passenger, we will lose the precious indications, and the pilot himself will have to discover part of the routes by itself. In this sense the possibilities of each category are balanced, since a higher speed, in this case, is counterbalanced by the lack of information, meanwhile, with regard to the resistance, obviously the bikes are less safe than cars and trucks. However, to fine-tune our expertise we can also bet hide in offline modes to develop, in addition to skills of piloting, navigation and racing. Nor do we have intimidated and we fought as a brave in fierce multiplayer racing online; in addition to lend us some laughter in the family with the mode in split-screen.

Stones in the road

Physics, defined as realistic, is especially effective in regard to the suspension and the reactions of the vehicle on the ground according to the speed, so much so, that not always produces the reaction expected when jumps and bounces, for example, in a succession of dunes. Logically, not having these elements into consideration, we often will suffer considerable damage.

Therefore, the system of damages is effective, especially considering the length of the races, which, along with the obligation to stop and repair the elements of the vehicles that have been broken or have been degrading really does not leave much time to enjoy the beautiful scenery that includes the recreation of the environments in the open world. The less time they have pilots who opt for two-wheeled vehicles, which, in the case of deviating from the path, it is very possible that you lost some time stuck, digging under the wheels to insert useful to avoid the tire slippage. With some luck, you may even find ourselves with another driver who decides to help us out with a hook.

The initial impact that produces the graphical aspect and the first moments riding in Dakar 18, by themselves, are capable of stimulating the interest of the most demanding gamers thanks to the exposure of a formula without commitments, that hardly can be equated to other forms of racing, so if you’re looking for is an experience sincere based on the specialty.


We have spent many hours on PlayStation 4 Pro riding a large variety of classes of vehicles in a fast-paced routes, struggling to win a second between mud, dust, incidents, and dipped in repairs. In summary, Dakar, 18 may be considered as the only game able to support this discipline, the developers have chosen not to follow the trend welcome to any player among their ranks, creating a title really suitable for the followers unconditional of the specialty, without sugar-coat, and without simplifications. It is a real adventure, a different title to any type of driving game, that even includes elements of adventure. This allows you exactly the holistic experience that is expected of a video game that actually comes out of the canons to which we are accustomed, difficult since the same dynamics of the navigation and which quickly returns to the less skilled to the level of novice. Here they can’t all shine at the same level.

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