Now, emojis on Twitter will occupy two characters

The majority of people who have Twitter, use the emojis to complement their ideas, since a picture says more than a thousand words, but despite using them all the time, not realized that they occupied a number of characters.

So, as you read, the emojis are a certain number of characters, but it is not always the same, because some have more than others, for example, the flags occupy 14 characters, while those where you can change the gender or skin tone, vary much more.

Accordingly, and in order to avoid this kind of distinction, it was agreed that all the smilies have the same worth, so from now on will have a two-character value.

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This, added to the idea that emojis are now inclusive, so that all kinds of genders and races feel identified, made Unicode, the organization responsible for approving emojis that appear on smartphones, to give them an equal value.

The news was disclosed by means of a publication in the developer forum, and she explained how everyone can be benefited with this new implementation:

“In the future, in support of the recent updates to Unicode, Twitter will have all the emojis alike, including those with modifiers, skin tone and gender. This update marks a significant progress for our service, and everyone can benefit from the additional space to express themselves with more characters (or emojis)”.

With these new values, is planning to make Twitter a social network varied and equal respect for all those characters who are found within it, which is one of the main keys of its success and significance: to accommodate people who like different things, but in this way it nourishes the communication. and Partners.

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