Back to the 90’s: These are the best games that had the PlayStation 1

For most people who are adults today, you know how wonderful and easy it were the 90’s thanks to the existence of Sony, because they were and are the makers of the PlayStation, a console that towards fun evening in which there was nothing to do.

Without a doubt, this engine marked the lives of many, so that it would not be unusual now to continue keeping this device or bought a new one, to continue playing for several hours.

Important part of the success and importance of “Play”, it was the variety of titles that could be played on it, because there was for all tastes, from the classic skills racing, to the adventures and challenges that tested the patience and perseverance of one’s self.

It could be and try to any thing, it was simple and practical because it does not take much time in creating a character or adapting to game mode, this is in clear comparison with contemporary video games tend to be a bit laborious.

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So based on the above and in order to join in the celebration of Sony with its 500 million consoles sold, enlistarán some of the best games that there were at that time and that now everyone should play at least once:

Crash Bandicoot

One of the pioneers who helped the children and teens to be introduced to the world of video games and that taught them that the wildest animals (because Crash was a fox-dingo), can be both fun and battle-hardened, particularly when they were faced with enemies really “evil” as it was Dr. Neo Cortex.

Spyro The Dragon

To exemplify the 3D drawings, you can use it to Spyro, a dragon that could fly and spit fire at their opponents, which kept them captive to their friends (they were also dragons) and had to save them so that nothing bad will happen.

Tomb Raider

The different games of this powerful woman, they were really good because they had everything: action, weapons, levels, difficult but creative and a character which was sufficiently rude that he did not care to run, to sweat, and jump to the various locations. It is considered a classic that should not have and should not miss in your collection.

Metal Gear Solid Snake

Who doesn’t liked to feel like a hero? I bet that several of you responded that they loved, especially by the good flavor of mouth that left to make things right, well as this title he managed the same, as that Snake came to be this and more, thanks to the way in which it developed, was already despite not having the best graphics, it turned out to be realistic doing that the feeling of adrenaline, to spread throughout the body, when he was a criminal prowling the territory.

Tony Hawks Pro Skater

If the wheels and the speed were what I was passionate about, was one hundred percent sure that this game is on your shelf, because it allowed you to do and see everything in the same place, because they could skate and perform various tricks without the need of fail, because errors served to be improving; this added to the soundtrack, made out of a boring afternoon, a perfect day.

Resident Evil 2

It would seem that the fear of the zombies came from here, because for many it was the first time that they ran into a living-dead that he was a danger tremendous, because they were always angry and hungry, a bad combination that there was no other solution rather than ending with them. The fact that one had to forge his path with a gun in a place where the “walkers” and the evil ruled, was that the tension and fear were set aside.

Street Fighter 2

The challenge that were in the machines, were the best to go out to the streets, because that is where one sees how clever it was to put together combos and give the best shots to beat the competition. Capcom has hit miserably to introduce this game to the range of titles that previously existed.


Football games created quarrels unparalleled among several friends, because the competitiveness to see who made the best defensive and offensive was a notary public, but also funny to the extent that it became an addiction to be with the control in the hand, taking care not to be seen to what direction would the criminal.


If there is an order in this list, this game would occupy one of the first places why? For the simple reason that it’s fun, nerve-wracking, but at the end of the out fun, there is no need for violence or weapons, only a type that runs through the life to achieve a single goal: take a Pepsi, an advertisement is merely effective, but doesn’t take away from the party entertaining.

Final Fantasy

The saga of this game serves as a good example of how evolution is a sign of quality, because through the years, users became aware of a significant advance in both history and quality, it is an experience that all those gamers remember with fondness and nostalgia.

It is clear that there are many more titles and with it thousands of stories that happened while you played , so we asked do you what do you think should be on this list? and Partners.

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