What Deadpool will appear in Avengers 4? This theory supports

A few weeks ago we had a lot of feelings and emotions after seeing Avengers: Infinity War, one of the best films of the Marvel universe, directed by the brothers Russo. And this weekend has premiered another one of the movies most-anticipated of Marvel as Deadpool 2.

The film is full of references and sarcasm which will certainly become one of the most fun and entertaining of the Marvel universe, however, one of the scenes postcréditos of the movie blew the minds of fans by showing a peculiar detail that you believe is directly related to Avengers 4, the sequel to Infinity War.

Test: find out what the character of Deadpool you are

Well, if you remember to Cable, this villain is actually a kind of police very technology that comes from the future, and with which you can travel back in time thanks to a device that is worn on the wrist.

And it is with this device manages to save Deadpool from death, and after that it seems that it is useless, however, later Negasonic Teenage Warhead manages to repair it, and deliver it to Deadpool, which prevents the death of Vanessa (his girlfriend), and it even does some actions and fun as kill Ryan Reynolds before recording the movie Green Lantern.

Well, this artifact is the cause of all this theory, and that is that some fans noticed a huge resemblance to the leaked images from the filming of Avengers 4, where Tony Stark has a device very similar in the hand, and with which, it is believed that he will return in time to prevent Thanos succeeds to put together the gems of the infinite, and with them to eliminate half of the population of the whole universe.

There are theories that indicate that this process will be the gem of the time, however, it does not explain how you will get it, so that such a device could be the key to go back in time, and not the gem.

During the movie, Deadpool 2 there are some references to Avengers: Infinity War, even weeks before it is used videos, and campaigns to promote the film, and in some of these videos we were able to see references to the last movie of the Avengers.

Another important detail that argue the fans, is a phrase from Cable to Deadpool, where he says that the generation of Deadpool will destroy the planet in 50 years. And is that according to the fans, this generation refers to the superheroes of the Marvel Universe, and Cable appears to be referring to that could not avoid to stop Thanos, that after you kill so many humans, the earth is in chaos and the planet ends up being a completely different scenario as we know it today.

This theory of Infinity War between Thanos and Tony Stark is going to overwhelm

This is a theory that attempts to explain the relationship that could have Avengers: Infinity War with Deadpool, considering possible union between the two stories, however, we must not forget that this is also complicated in the role, first because they never have belonged to the same universe due to that the commissioned studies of both films are different, but, with the recent purchase of Fox by Disney, many believe that it is possible the union between these two universes.

What do you think about it?

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