Debian Linux, the OS free and collaborative, celebrates 25 years

Debian is one of the most important projects of open source that there are. Debian Linux is very, but very popular in its own right, but also is the basis of an indeterminate number of other distributions. For example, Ubuntu, which is one of the distros most commonly used, is based on Debian. Come on, even Linux Mint (based on Ubuntu), also has an edition Debian. Nor do we forget the operating system of the official Raspberry Pi, Raspbian, which is also based on Debian.

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This August 16, Debian celebrated its first 25 years of existence. Its development was announced on the same day but in 1993. Ana Guerrero, part project, said: “When Ian Murdock announced 25 years ago in the comp.os.linux.development ‘the imminent release of Debian Linux’, no one could have imagined that this became the Debian Project, one of the most important open source projects, and most influential of all time. The main product is this free operating system, as well as a series of systems to make the user life more easy: games, cloud services, and even IoT”.

“Today this project is a great organization, with a countless number of teams self-organized, the majority of volunteers. And even for those who are outside of this can be seen as a chaotic system, the project is sustained by two main documents of the organization: The Social Contract Debian, which gives the vision of a society that enhances and, the Guide Debian Free Software, which provides indications that are displayed when the software is usable. There are supplements such as the Constitution of the project that is based on the structure of the same and the Code of Conduct, who sets the tone of interactions within the project”, indicated the spokeswoman of the project.

If you, the reader/reader, is a fan of Linux and the ideology of open source, you should take a moment and thank Debian, even if you do not use this operating system, because it is without doubt a very positive contribution to the world of Linux. Let’s hope that the project will continue at least for another 25 years, to August 16, 2043. and Partners.

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