What was triggering the seismic alert by 5.2 degrees? This is the explanation

This morning the infamous seismic alert activated in Mexico City, causing startled mass in the capital of the country. Fortunately, the quake that caused it was barely noticeable and after the shock, in social networks is perceived a feeling that was the trouble, and up to mockery, seeing it as a false alarm.

So were the reactions more funny on social media after the #Earthquake

The thing is that it is so false, and that earthquake of 5.2 degrees that are recorded in Warrior is enough to activate the device for a reason, and our colleagues of Chilango already have it.

“The alert sounded because after 5.5 degrees, you can activate” explained Luis Felipe Puente, director of Civil Protection of the Secretariat of the Interior in an interview with Loret de Mola, Without Anesthesia. You’re likely to think, but if it was a 5.2. What possibly happened, the official said, was that”although the Earthquake registered the tremor of 5.3, in a very preliminary way, some of the sensors in the coast of Guerrero, encountered more intense.”

The Center of Instrumentation of Seismic Risk (Cires) divides the intensity into seven levels: very weak, which includes levels below grade level one; a weak one, which ranges from level 1 to 2; lightweight, ranging from two to five intensity; moderate, ranging from five to 10; range is strong, that goes from 10 to 50 of intensity; very strong, that spans from level 50 to 120; and the severe, which includes levels above 120.

In a statement issued after the quake, the Cires that launched an alert due to the energy of the earthquake allowed us to predict potential effects of seismic Strong in the City. There are two types of ranges for the signals of the alarm seismic: Public Alert if they expect an event of strong effects and Preventive Alert, for movement moderate.

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