I decided to follow the new trend of fashion and I didn’t eat meat for 9 months

Hello! My name is Elena. I do sport regularly, to study at the university and I write articles. Once I decided that I should stop eating meat. With this story I want to share the things that pushed me to make this decision, how he lived, and ended the experience.

My attempt to give up eating meat began in October 2016 and the results of this experiment are still coming in until the day of today. I want to tell the readers of Great.guru my experience to demonstrate how important it is to follow your own feelings instead of believing blindly to bloggers excited about this trend that circulates through the Internet.

How it all began

I never liked the meat. I gave the same whether or not it was on the table at mealtime. However, on a visit, in the dining room, or in a coffee shop, most commonly found dishes that, among its ingredients, have the flesh. It turns out that, without realizing it, on a regular basis, I consumed dishes with ingredients of animal origin.

One day, I saw the blog of a young woman. Thin and happy, had on your system nutritional: rejection of animal love for the vegetable. I let it be. The theme of renouncing the flesh was reduced to several sentences: “a Lot of energy, lightness in the body, a clear mind, radiant skin and smooth and the figure to tone”. Any vegetarian will tell.

I wanted to be light as a feather, slender, and also, on the basis of this, to improve my sports performance. So I started my experiment of 9 months.

Then, my diet consisted of fish, vegetables, pasta, cheese and cereals.

What was difficult for me to leave the meat? No. In my town you can find dozens of dishes alternative: in a gastronomic festival I tasted shawarma with falafel, Caesar salad, ate it with salmon and shrimp, the pasta with mushrooms. Several times, my friends invited me to a barbecue, but even this smell that is considered to be divine was not changed for anything in my path. I helped the vegetables to the grill, mushrooms and delicacies of fish and seafood.

About loss and profit

Let’s go back to the beginning to remember what effect we expected, and we will analyze in detail what, of what was promised, turned out to be true.

A lot of energy

I did not suddenly fall asleep like a baby. The statistics relating to the night’s rest and were not modified: in the morning took off my head from the pillow, feeling like a zombie horror film more horrible, I hated the alarm clock, get up early and my university. Nothing of “lightness”. It was foolish to believe that giving up the meat would help my body to fall in love with the early mornings.

Lightness in the body

Many runners are convinced of this: the meat influences well-being while exercising, more precisely, cause a feeling of heaviness. Can’t wait to start to feel the lightness!

Medal for participating in competitions.

As I gave up meat, my pulse increased as I ran, and the pace decreased. Before, I could run easily a half-marathon (21 097,5 meters). Now I felt very bad, a shortness of breath relentless and dizziness were preventing me from moving my legs to more speed, so that the result was getting worse quickly. I started to be less involved in the competitions, and once even I had to abandon the race due to a feeling of discomfort.

Graph of heart rate in competitions. At the end of the distance, the heart rate exceeded 200 beats per minute.

The figure, to tone

My body mass index is within the normal range, and in this case, the process of losing weight is not easy and requires more time and efforts. Here everything was more simple: during 9 months, my waist was lowered several inches, skirts and pants on me were great. I had to renew my wardrobe. But, perhaps this is a disadvantage for women?

And what happened with radiant skin and a clear mind?

I don’t have problems with the skin in the form of bumps or swellings, so that it was difficult to tell the difference. The sun, the tan and the freckles solar give your face a look light and fresh, regardless of whether you like meat or not.

But with a clear mind it all turned out to be more complicated. Dizziness constants I provided security in myself, and the only idea truly brilliant was going to come and see me a doctor.

What Anemia?

In my case, to raise the level of iron in blood was possible only with medication.

The doctor listened calmly to my story about why she rejected the meat and sent me for a blood test. Hemoglobin, ferritin and serum iron were below normal. “You have anemia”, the doctor said. My friends asking me questions about it.

The iron-deficiency anemia (or iron-deficiency anaemia) is a syndrome of hematology is characterized by alteration of the synthesis of hemoglobin due to iron deficiency, which manifests with anemia and sideropenia. The main causes are bleeding, and the lack of food and drinks rich in heme.

Since then, my food consisted of a dish of meat and two pills of the medication is high in iron.

Now I can not live even a single day without meat.

About the pros and the cons

In addition to some inches lost, there were other advantages:

  • My body stopped smelling. You can save on deodorant.
  • I discovered many dishes with different ingredients, “exotic”, I realized that the beans may resemble the meat, and the falafel is an excellent substitute for the chicken.

The disadvantages are not obvious:

  • It is not economic. The serving of fish costs more than meat.
  • All around you they’ll smash with the question: “why?”.

The discussions about the dangers and benefits that come with eating meat, perhaps, for a long time, will not be reduced. The supporters give it to you to tempt speaking of a beautiful life. Taking a decision as important as changing the habit of eating for vegetarian food, listen to your body, think about it if you really need it and consult a doctor. Of course, there are people that this kind of food is good for them. But we have to understand that each one of us is unique, just as each person’s body differs from the others by their individual quirks.

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