Share your smartphone screen with the Google Duo

Google’s video-calling app Duo get a interesting function. After an upcoming update you will have the option to set your screen to share, which can be useful when you, for example, someone want to show where a certain smartphone setting.

It reports Android Authority. ‘Screen share’ is a new button that will appear once you have a video call start. During the recording there is a red border around the screen, so that you know that someone is watching. At the moment seems the only function still not work well, often getting viewers, only with a black screen.

Knock knock

Google launched Duo in 2016, and the app is now more than a million downloads. That is a lot less than rival Skype, which more than a billion times on Android-based phones installed. But Skype is also much longer and has a larger recognition.

Duo stands out among other things by ‘knock knock’. This shows the person you are calling you get in a picture, even before it is included. Duo is also for iOS to download.

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