Show your pride mexa with this function, Spotify

One of the most characteristic aspects that have the mexicans, is that the holidays lead to the maximum and especially if it is a day like today, where it carries out the Cry of Independence; for this reason, and to bring to the fore the pride mexa, Spotify launched a tool that will help you to know how much Mexico are on the skin.

Based on this, Spotify unveiled Max Mexa, a campaign that will serve to demonstrate how much knowledge people have, regarding the music and national artists who have given a great identity to the country.

This, adding to the food, location and the treatment that the people of such territory, make the mexican spirit is recognized by thousands of people who have visited and who live in different parts of the globe.

Resultado de imagen para máx mexa

For this reason, it is that he has devoted a test special to the mexicans to revealing how much they know about the sounds of Mexico, because not only will current issues, but the old ones which are the ones that formed the basis of some of the musicians that we know today.

To be able to do the test, you will only need access to this site, to open the personal account of Spotify and this way, it will analyze the music you are listening to, which at the end give you a percentage of how much mexican music that is stored.

In given case it is high, it must feel very good because you know part of the history of the country, but in the given case that is otherwise not there is because you feel sad, because the same platform created a number of playlists that can help to have notion of the big hits.

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Also, they will be counted with the typical playlist that will help to musicalizar las fiestas patrias, or in fact any type of celebration, because they are suited to all situations imaginable.

Try it and tell us how you made out. and Partners.

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