Depending on how you charge your phone, or not to give you a credit

If it is believed that the manner in which you charge the phone does not affect the daily life, is this very wrong, since this could determine whether credit is given or not.

Although to the naked eye does not see the relationship between a situation and another, the reality is that one depends on the other; according to Gregory LaBlanc, director faculty of the School of Business FinTech Berkeley, the battery charge reflects the financial behavior of a person.

Through a talk he gave at the congress Latam Blockchain Today and Tomorrow organized by EGADE Business School of Tecnológico of Monterrey, LaBlanc said that people who let themselves die to your battery, are the worst payers that those who carry their smartphone constantly.

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The comparison arises after taking into account that if you don’t take care of a technological gadget, which is supposed to be one of the vital tools, you can not care for or maintain a credit.

Similarly, commented that this is not the only method that can take into account to give a loan, some credit card issuers such as Prosper, they use an artificial intelligence algorithm that analyzes the tests that people perform to explain why they should get such a loan.

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This is in order to detect who are the ones that really need it; to achieve that intelligence looks for words that are indicators that they are not trustworthy people, they are encompassed in God, I promise, I’ll pay and thank you.

While in the opposite case, those who are candidates to receive the credit used phrases like debt free, or I am a graduate.

Based on this, the people will have to be careful with what your actions everyday reflect to third parties, as has already been seen where all influences. and Partners.

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