Dermatologists explained why there is that treat the skin with emotions in place of other remedies

A granite of a sudden can ruin the mood of all. But what happens if this mechanism also works in reverse, and what we experience directly affects the emergence of skin problems?

Specialists in psicodermatología say that so this works. you will be on the connection between psychology and cosmetology, and about the miracles that can happen in the human body.

Why “invent” the psicodermatología?

We know that the psychological state of a person affects your body and, consequently, to your skin. But the emergence of a new narrow field has nothing to do with the desire of the specialists take advantage of that. In the first place, the new scientific approaches need testing and specification maximum to be considered valid. Second, this “re-branding” allows you to study with new eyes, a theme already known.

The clinical specialist american Matthew Traub believes that the connection between the feelings and the skin is simply amazing. “I have patients who suffer from acne, and noticed that the more nervous you get, the more you notice the swelling on their faces”.

The skin changes are a natural reaction of the body, for example, when we enrojecemos of shame or anger. However, under severe stress or anxiety, the body releases inflammatory molecules. There’s a release more powerful of some neurohormones when the nervous system is shaken, and this, in turn, affects the behavior and even causes the death of some immune cells. When stress occurs severe or chronic, the functions of the skin are affected, therefore, there are several diseases: from the annoying acne to psoriasis.

However, there are records of healings “miraculous” diseases of the skin. Dr. Traub admits that his father, who also studied psicodermatología, on one occasion prepared a “cure” for a condition that consisted of a mix of salad dressings.

The canadian university McGill university conducted an experiment more scientific about it. They were asked to children suffering from various disorders that are acostaran in a magnetic resonance machine off, saying that this would teach their brains to cure diseases. Among the participants, there was a girl who suffered from eczema with pullout neurotic of the skin. After a few weeks of “sessions”, the condition of all, including the girl, significantly improved.

Of course, such cases cannot be called statistically significant, but this does not make them less interesting.

After reading all this information, surely you think of the placebo effect. Traub does not deny that this plays an important role in the topic, although it is convinced that it is something much more profound. The way in which our body uses the resource of the imagination, and reacts to that makes us think the management aware of our capabilities and the scope of self-destruction, and self-healing.

“When working with patients, I ask them to remember when they started their problems with the skin. Often relate to some event that is unpleasant. When we try taking into account this context, after a few weeks, they look a lot better.”

What, then, does all of our skin problems appear due to stressful situations?

That is not entirely true. First, skin diseases are a form of manifestation of stress. Depends on your own genetic predisposition: a person can respond to suffering with the hair loss, the other with the appearance of acne, and the third with a stomach ulcer.

One of the most difficult questions in this area is the root cause: is the stress caused the disease or the consequences of it led to?

The probability of the first option is quite high: several studies have recently confirmed that the main cause of the skin problems are not a poor diet, weather conditions or harmful side effects of the medications, but also our emotions.

The treatment in such cases seems to psychotherapy standard, only focused on the skin

When working with their patients, Traub not only tries to find a connection between a past event and a disease, but it also helps people overcome the fear of what is happening to them.

For example, when the complexes about your appearance prevent a person from living normally, go out with people or to communicate, the exposure therapy is very effective. Within their framework, the patient regularly confront their fear, but very gradually, so that it eventually ends “to do so”.

It seems strange to spend so much money on products for skin care when we have everything we need to solve the problems in our interior. However, the doctor emphasizes that, in the first place, you need to get in contact with a dermatologist common. The medicines may solve your problems if these do not have roots deep psychological. You can use the psicodermatología as an additional means or end when the traditional medicine does not provide results.

The psychology is able to do wonders, but, first, the link between the mind and the physical health has not yet been well studied, and second, such treatment requires a thorough internal analysis and a job intrapersonal.

“Those who have to use tons of make-up are only disguising his suffering with him. Take a pill or apply a cream is much easier. It’s great to have the opportunity to repair something quickly. But I prefer to find the root of the problem, because there are people who spend years trying to find a miracle cure to heal something that has nothing to do with the skin, ” says Traub.

Some practical tips for those who have problems with the skin

  • If you suffer from diseases of the skin, prolonged or recurrent, it is very likely that you have a psychological problem.
  • Medicines and care products don’t help, or provide an insufficient or short-term.
  • You can try to find just the cause and to remember in what moment of your life, the illness started, what emotions are associated with it, etc
  • Even if there is not a psicodermatólogo in your city, you can easily combine the treatment of a dermatologist usual and a psychologist.
  • In any case, you should first get the opinion of a dermatologist.

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