Downloads smart, the new feature of Netflix for Android

If we have to talk about one of the best features of Netflix in recent times, I think we would all agree with that this option is the download of chapters, since that appeared, no longer needed to have an Internet connection to play our favorite series, simply download the chapter to our cell phone to be able to see in any side, it is an ideal tool if you spend a good time in public transport or even travel.

After its launch a little over a year, Netflix had not offered a novelty in connection with this feature, until today, they have announced the new downloads smart of Netflix for Android.

Why is it that some Android phones can not play Netflix in HD?

How do downloads work smart?

As its name indicates, Netflix will know when you have finished viewing a chapter for it, and download the following once you’re connected to your WiFi network (or even cellular network if you prefer).

For example, if you downloaded the first and second episode of Strangers Things on your phone to see them on the way home, then once you’re done to see the first chapter, the application is automatically deleted from the episode saved it and will download the chapter 3, you won’t have to ask for it, so there will be no problem if you forget to download some content from the platform.

The operation is very simple, and also very useful, although not mentioned what will happen when we finish watching the series, although probably you have to download the chapter of another series for the function to do its work.

Netflix has also not mentioned what devices will be compatible with the downloads intelligent, but it has been mentioned that in the next few days will be available exclusively for Android devices via an update in the Google Play Store.

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