Discover how many followers you lose on Twitter with this tool

Twitter is doing the purge biggest in its history to eliminate fake accounts, bots, and spam. Estimates claim that at least 70 million accounts 338 million that had until this past April, it would be outside of the platform.

The Dog Bermudez brings out the “newbie” on Twitter, and the memes are glorious

Several Twitter users have already begun to count their losses, some of them superlative. For example, the influence of and expert in digital marketing, Ophelia Pastrana, gave the example to do it the count of your damages by using a tweet.

But if you’re not sure if you touched the bleed or how serious you are stuck, there is a tool that tells you with certainty how many followers no longer there are you were after Twitter applied the “Thanosinha”. It is called Socialblade and it is a platform that shows you the evolution of your audience on networks like YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

The best part is that Socialblade don’t ask for registration nor data to be able to use it and it is totally free. It also allows you to check own accounts or third parties, and perform an unlimited number of queries.

The query for the megapurga you can perform directly in the table that displays the evolution of your base of followers the last two weeks. But if you still haven’t updated the data, you can click the button “LIVE” and then will take you to a real-time counter that will show the change.

So that you know friends of unocero, do not stop to check how you did with the crop of Twitter and tell us in the comments if it is suffered criticism. Good luck!

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