Discover what applications might be reading your emails from Gmail and how to block them

A news worried about the millions of Gmail users. Malicious applications had been given access to their e-mail accounts allowing third parties to read the information, allegedly confidential. Of course the news is not dropped anything good, but fortunately, there is a form of discover to be applications and block them so that his ominous work is finished once.

To get to know the apps malicious are likely to have access to your email you have to go to the Security Patch from Google.

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Once there, you should go to the option of third party Access, where you will see a list of applications that have access to your Gmail account or other Google data. When you click on those apps, you’ll get more information on what the application is allowed to do and, if you wish, you can revoke their access.

According to Google, any app that has access to Gmail before, it has to undergo a rigorous examination before. But there are apps labeled as “risky” by the platform when “this application or service has access to a large portion of your personal information, and Google has not verified the data of the developer. You should restrict access, unless that is trusted”.

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