Discover why gives sleep to travel by car

A great majority of people will enter sleep when getting into a car. It is no secret that the co-pilots fall asleep more or less twenty minutes to start the journey. And those who are behind the wheel they have to make an effort to stay alert and attentive to what happens on the road.

Now, a study conducted by a team from the RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, has confirmed that sleepy feeling that invades us progressively on a car is due to the vibrations that are transmitted through the seats to our body and our brain.

The researchers conducted an experiment in which they placed the volunteers in a simulator that replicated the same type of low frequency vibrations that occur in the cars and trucks. And the results revealed that within fifteen minutes, the people began to feel drowsy. On the half-hour, the feeling of sleep as it was very evident, and it reached its peak after 60 minutes.

But, in the same way that the low frequency vibrations that produce the cars, to induce sleep, the researchers explain that there are other types of vibrations that cause the opposite effect, that is to say that help the driver to stay awake and alert. That is why, they claim that it is necessary to perform more studies that serve to that, in the future, the automotive industry to design new cars that produce these positive vibrations.

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