They discover that they are brothers after 60 years of friendship

Walter Macfarlane, he never knew his father and decided to search for answers on the internet using the web Ancestry.comthat puts you in contact with those users that have a higher genetic match. At the top of the list was the user Robi737. And his best friend, Alan Robinson, was a pilot retired from Aloha Airlines that used to take a Boeing 737 and to which the whole world called Robi, according to the television network local KHON 2.

Robinson had been adapted and supposed that he would never find her biological mother. Having lost a brother at 19 years old he also thought that he would never have nieces or nephews, but anyway I had used the service to find answers about his family. But the results showed that the DNA of the lifelong friends they had numerous matches, including X-chromosomes identical: they shared a biological mother.

The two men are 15 months and are close friends since they met in sixth grade of Elementary school, where they played together at the american football. Even with their differences –”he went to a lot of parties, but I never went or did any party in the institute,” says Macfarlane– for decades have been joined by their fans to the card game Cribbage. After the initial surprise, on christmas Eve gathered friends and family to tell them the news and now plan to travel and to enjoy their respective retirements. “This is the best Christmas gift I could have imagined,” says Robinson. “It is a true Christmas miracle, “concludes Macfarlane.

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