We discovered how it feeds the queen of Great Britain, and its menu is more simple than you would expect

What we think of when we hear “food of royalty”? Probably, in rare delicacies and varieties of culinary, inaccessible to mere mortals. However, although the power of a person of nobility is nothing like the “executive menu” from the nearest café, nor is it a feast sumptuous. Do we not believe? The words of the former chef of the kitchen real, Darren McGrady, will have to convince you, since he was the personal chef of the queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

By the way, McGrady said that, unfortunately, the queen is not a fan of the gourmet food at all. She eats to live, and not the other way around; but the prince Philip, on the contrary, would not mind a rich meal and is ready to discuss for a long time about the dishes. Another interesting fact that he shared McGrady: in the real kitchen is still used pans that were owned by queen Victoria.

We in Great.guru, we discover what it is that habitually eat and drink to the queen of Great Britain, and we do not mind to accompany her in any of their lunch or to take tea. Keep reading and let us know if you’d like to take a diet similar.


Elizabeth II begins her day with cookies and a cup of Earl Grey tea without sugar or milk. The queen often eats breakfast cereal with fruit, other times you can choose toasted bread with jam. If you want to follow the example of the queen, try to choose variants more beneficial: whole-grain cereal with a high content of fiber, protein and a low level of sugar. And you can supplement with fresh fruits and milk.

The queen also loves the omelet with salmon, and for good reason: the omelet in the breakfast helps you to lose weight and maintain your weight in the standard, eggs are an important part of a balanced diet. These are beneficial for the heart, have lots of protein, vitamin D, B6, B12 and good cholesterol.

McGrady has that, at Christmas, the queen Isabel will serve an omelet version of “holiday” with truffles. The queen is too thrifty to ask for mushrooms so expensive, so just eat in your omelet christmas, when I send truffles as a gift.


Before the meal, the queen takes a little gin with Dubonnet, an aperitif wine-based crust flavored of cinchona and herbs. His taste for this drink was inherited from his mother. The aperitif stimulates the appetite and promotes digestion. In addition to the Dubonnet, are also appropriate vermouth, sherry, campari, rakia, liqueur, and the cocktail Kir.

Of course, it is not worth to take alcohol every day, but before a banquet, a snack is always good. If you prefer the non-alcoholic drinks, choose mineral water, carbonated water, soda, or juice, for example, of tomato.

For food, the queen prefers dishes that are simple, for example, fish with vegetables or grilled chicken with lettuce. His favorite dish is a dab of sauteed spinach and zucchini. This fish is rich in protein, selenium, phosphorus, vitamins D and B12. If you also want to eat marine fish, considered to consume halibut, is of the same family as flounder. The halibut is also rich in magnesium and this is why it is in particular beneficial for people with a cardiovascular system weak.

Afternoon tea

For tea time they serve sandwiches, two types of cut in half and without crusts: with cucumber, salmon, eggs with mayonnaise or ham and mustard. Other variants are: muffins, cookies and different pastries with fruit, but which regularly taken with tea is a “penny”, small round pieces of bread with butter and jam. The queen ate in its infancy in the nursery along with the princess Margaret.

By the way, such a snack as the afternoon tea can also be healthy, especially if you choose to have sandwiches, vegetables, guacamole, and yogurt. On the other hand, so do not eat too much during dinner.


For dinner, a steak cooked lamb or beef with a sauce of mushrooms, cream and whiskey. Another variant for the dinner is: pheasant or salmon. As you can see, this fish often appears on the menu, and it is not by chance. The fish is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, and also omega-3 fatty acids, which contributes to the good functioning of the brain, heart and joints.

For dessert, the queen eats strawberries and peaches white, you can also have chocolate, because the queen has a weakness for this. Even like chocolate bars that are sold regularly at the grocery store. By the way, his favorite cake is the traditional chocolate with ganache prepared the day of your birthday according to the recipe of the chef of queen Victoria.

The dark chocolate has beneficial properties for health: this is rich in antioxidants, influences beneficially on the cardiovascular system, lowers cholesterol level, reduces the risk of developing cancer, and improved cognitive function.

Elizabeth II ends his day with a glass of champagne. A very good choice: among their healthy properties that are used for skin and heart, is the improvement of the memory.

What you will not find in the menu of the queen

  • Elizabeth II does not take wine or sweetened tea.
  • The Queen does not eat rice, potatoes, or pasta. These products can be found in the “black list” due to the content of starch is “bad”. If you want to follow the example of Elizabeth II, choose variants more healthy: whole grain pasta, brown rice and mush of oatmeal.
  • Do not like the white eggs; the browns seem to be more tasty. However, in reality, there is no difference between them, nor the benefits, nor in the flavor and the color depends on the breed of the hen.
  • The fruits are out of season will also be deleted from the menu. It’s cheaper and healthy to consume only fruits in season. Fruits and vegetables that are stored for a long time in the transport have a lower concentration of nutritional elements.
  • In addition, the queen considers that is inappropriate to the breath with smell of onion and garlic at people, so do not eat.

What about you, how you imagined the meals of the royals? What agreed your expectations with the reality?

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