Since the birth of the first septillizos that survived 20 years have passed. That is how they live now

20 years ago, on November 19, 1997, in the family McCaughey born septillizos: Kenneth, Alexis, Nathan, Brandon, Natalie, Joel, and Kelsey. It is the first case in history in which all the children survived, although two of them were diagnosed with cerebral palsy. However, in spite of everything, their parents, Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey were very happy, so who wouldn’t listen to the advice of the doctors and stayed with all the babies. found the photos of the 7 guys to show you how handsome that you see all of them now.

A year before this great event in the family was born the first daughter, Michaela Mary, but Bobbi wanted to have more children, so we agreed to go for a special therapy. After the birth of the septillizos, the family McCaughey drew a lot of attention: magazines and newspapers writing about them, and was invited to the television.

Even Bill Clinton, the president of the united States of that time, congratulated the family McCaughey in person. I also gave away a house, a financial reward and the seven children were paid for their college in advance.

Some said that the septillizos were a miracle, others blamed the parents for exploiting the children. When they met 10 years ago, the family stopped to lead a life as social, and only began to appear in an episode of the annual show Dateline NBC. In social networks you can also find some family photos.

Despite his fame in the press, now the septillizos live a common life and choose their own paths.


Kenneth is studying at the local college and is preparing to be a bricklayer.


Alexis was one of two children with cerebral palsy. Now moves using a walker special, and is studying to be a preschool teacher.


Brandon is the only one of the seven brothers who did not choose the way connected with studies. You think your vocation is to serve in the army.


Kelsye used the scholarship promised to all of them when they were born at the University of Hannibal—LaGrange and wants to be an artist.


Nathan is the second son with cerebral palsy. In 2005 he had a surgery in the spine, thanks to which he can now walk. Now is also studying in the University of Hannibal—LaGrange, dedicated to computer technologies.


Natalie also used the grant from the University Hannibal—LaGrange and also studying to become a preschool teacher, like her sister.


Joel, like Nathan, is a student at the same university in computer technologies.

Bobbi and Kenny say that they do not repent of anything and believe that their children are the best thing that has happened in my life.

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