Wake up in a fun way with Early Game Alarm, the new iPhone app

The fact of getting up early in the morning to turn the alarm off, it makes the mood of the people is not as good or friendly, however, this could stop passing thanks to Early Game Alarm, the new alarm of the iPhone.

The dynamism of Early Game, Alarm, will cause users to rise up with better mood, as each morning the way to wake up will be different, because of the multiple activities that have to stimulate the brain.

The central idea revolves around the games and challenges, as people should play them for the alarm to ring off the hook completely, because to be otherwise, it only will increase the sound of it.

In this way, the snooze an alarm will not be possible and getting up early to comply with the obligations, shall be mandatory, but fun.

The way that works for Early Game, Alarm, begins when the user selects a game, to activate at the specified time in which the alarm, therefore, will be to carry out the mission or challenge for it to clear.

In the given case, is achieved to complete the mission, you will be able to share in the social networks or messages to certain people, for you to notice that you can be active in the mornings without a cup of coffee.

For the moment, the app is not in English, but this can be taken as the perfect opportunity to begin to learn other languages.

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If you want to get the app Early Game, Alarm, shall be provided with an iPhone containing iOS 9 or any higher; the download is free and includes three games, but if you want to have more titles, such as Tetris or Snake, can be purchased.

The costs of the games are handled by packages, so the prices would be as follows:

  • A game-1.26 dollars
  • Package of 3 games-2.65 dollars
  • Package of 6 games-4.04 dollars

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