This Windows 95-smartphone is not really

With the success of the revamped Nokia 3310, there seems to be a big market for smartphones running on nostalgia to respond. If Microsoft Windows 95-smartphone release, then that would be just a success.

Unfortunately, so far it is not. In the video below you can see a concept for Windows 95, Mobile, as imagined and brought to life in a 3D animation by YouTuber ‘4096’. With the classic programs as apps on the home screen in all their faded, grey glory. Of course, Clippy not as a personal assistant, and the operating system would not be complete without error messages.

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Windows 95 lives on

Although this phone is not for sale, are hackers there in the past managed to get Windows 95 to emulate on an Android phone. You don’t, but it is amazing that they are doing it. Just like that time Windows 95 on a smartwatch turned. Well, why not?

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