They say that this is the ice cream world’s most dangerous

A coffee shop in Glasgow has been put up for sale this ice cream, which they have named Respiro del diavolo. Similar name and the fact that show up several peppers, as they should give us a good idea of what is and what is its main feature. The owners of the local ensure that it has been prepared following a traditional recipe Italian dating from the 1930s, and boast that it is the ice cream most spicy in the world.

Ensure that the itching sensation it produces is five hundred times greater than that of tabasco, and the fact is that their ingredients are just as irritating, to preparing there that adequately protect the hands and the face. For all these reasons, to eat it there to prove that you are of legal age, and sign a document that exempts you from any responsibility to the local by the health problems that may be caused to the client. Be warned even that can kill a person. But, is it really possible?

To measure the intensity of the spicy uses a so-called scale Scoville which calculates the amount of capsaicin (the chemical compound responsible for that burning sensation) which contains a product. The tabasco is much lower than that of the capsaicin pure, that scores with one million Scoville units. Even increasing it five-hundred times, or approaching that level. So it seems that the ice cream is very far from the dose that is considered lethal. But, what is that dose?

It is difficult to know with accuracy. A study conducted in 1980 estimated that about something more than a kilo of capsaicin pure (what would amount to many millions of Scoville units) could theoretically kill a person of stature and weight means. And another study conducted in 2015 by the school of Medicine of Niigata, in Japan, showed that the mice died from respiratory failure when consume an amount of capsaicin equivalent to that which would contain several hundreds of thousands of chillies.

All of this means that, in principle, this ice cream would not have to kill anyone. Although the effects of the spicy are not the same in all people, and depend on a lot of the health problems of each individual. Anyway, sure the cold sweats and a feeling of burning atrocious not remove anyone who dares to eat it.

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