Diego Luna will have its own series of Star Wars as Cassian Andor

The impulse stratospheric Diego Luna continues to reach new levels and is not seen for where to stop, because as if that were not enough to have his own series of Netflix playing the Lord of the drugs in the 90’s, Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo , in the third season of Narcos, now also will have its own series of Star Wars, the first Real Action of the franchise’s most powerful Science Fiction that exists.

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This was announced by Disney and confirmed by the same actor on their Twitter accounts with obvious joy. And is that Diego Luna will play Cassian Andor, the intrepid pilot was a success in ‘Rogue One’, the first Spin-Off in the history of Star Wars in 2016.

The news, of course, has caused a chain reaction, and today is a source of pride for the entire country. “Return to the Star Wars universe is something very special for me,” confessed Luna in the release of Lucasfilm in starwars.com. “I have so many memories of the great work we did together and the relationships that labré during this trip. We have a fantastic adventure ahead and this exciting format will give us the opportunity to explore more in depth to this character,” he said.

As we will remember, in the film ‘Rogue One’, both Cassian as Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) and all his gang of rebels, they sacrifice the life to get the drawings of the Star of Death, so naturally the series will tell the story of Andor during his training for the Rebel Alliance before being captain of the Rogue One, in something that Lucasfilm described as a “triller of spies”, where, according to the company, we’ll see “stories full of espionage and daring missions that seek to restore hope to a galaxy in the clutches of a ruthless Empire.”

The series will be part of the new streaming platform, Disney+, a mega project of the company of Mickey Mouse that includes all the content of Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic, and the same Disney, among several others, and with which it seeks to displace Netflix and Amazon Prime with the main players of the market.

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