Differences between the Apple Pencil first-and second-generation

The iPad Pro 2018 arrived on the market in an official way and to accompany them bring their own Apple Pencil 2, which have notable differences with the first generation.

This is said because even though they were produced by the same company have different aspects, that although are not as impressive as many would like, yes come to mark a different path for the faithful Apple users.

The points that vary from one generation to another, ranging from its design, to its loading system that make it much easier the life of the people that use them constantly.

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Differences between Apple Pencil first and second generation

As mentioned previously, the variations may seem minimal, but they turn out to be noticeable when it is being used in the screens of the iPad Pro 2018.

Goodbye to the cylinders

The new design of the Apple Pencil 2 can go unnoticed to the naked eye, but if you pay attention to them, we can perceive that it has ceased to be cylindrical to turn in a pencil shape, i.e., hexagonal, just like graphite.

Customization in the engraving

The idea of Apple is that every one of its customers to have a single device, so in order to make this possible, it has made the Apple Pencil of the second generation can be recorded, either with a name or phrase.

Resultado de imagen para grabado de apple pencil 2

Bye, Bye cap

One of the most noticeable differences that are in between the pencils of one generation and another, is the fact that there is no longer a plug that must always be at the top of the Apple Pencil covering the Lightening connector that was used to charge its battery.

Resultado de imagen para apple pencil 2

A load without complications

Leaving aside the design, can be put squarely at one of the vital point that differentiate the Apple Pencil of the first and second generation: the system load. As mentioned, there was a port Lightning on the pen to be able to keep it fixed to the iPad and this way you load it.

However, all that has changed thanks to the wireless charging that is too simple, because you only need to put the Apple Pencil on top of the iPad to join together magnetically, and begin to nurture the battery.

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