Enjoy a virtual adventure in Inspark, the new park dedicated to the VR

Inspark, the new park virtual, shall comply with all the crazy ideas and dreams ends that you’ve had on aventarte of an airplane in a free fall, paddling against the tide or be the only one who can play against an entire team of football.

With the aim of bringing virtual reality to the public of the City of Mexico, was installed in a park that will make all the people to perform risky activities without putting his life in danger, leading to a feeling of pure adrenaline as it would be the fact to do it in real life.

To achieve this and more thrills, the park has different activities that challenge your senses and you will be taken to places risky that you’ve never thought to tread; some of the diversions are a simulated flight, a game of football in a stadium “real” and a visit to another world, literally, because they do not know where you are or how you got there.

If you are not yet convinced to visit the Inspark, you should know that you have no room for all tastes, since if you are interested in the most strong emotions, the VR Samsung Experience is for you, because in him you will be able to navigate a wild river where the rowing will be your only salvation, or if your thing is sailing through the skies, then you can upload to a number of roller coasters where if you can imagine it very well, you’ll be able to feel the air on your face.

If you want to go and jump into a new world, you can do so during the week, as the park of the future, is open almost every day, check here the different schedules that will be handled:

  • Tuesday and Thursday
    16:30 pm and 18:45 pm
  • Friday
    15:15 pm, 17:00 pm and 18:45 pm
  • Saturday
    13:45 pm 15:30 pm 17:15 pm and 19:00 pm
  • Sunday
    13:15 pm, 15:00 pm, 16:45 pm and 18:30 pm

The cost varies, because from Tuesday to Thursday will be $199 and from Friday to Sunday the price is $299, so you can take your expectations.

Google and LG have the OLED screen of the future for virtual and augmented reality

In terms of the location of it, is in the 1st. level of the Plaza Carso, which is located in Lake Zurich, corner of Cervantes Saavedra, in Polanco; it is recommended that before you go agendes you visit so that you can enjoy freely of each of the six activities.

Immerse yourself in the virtual reality, expand your horizons and indulge yourself.

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