Disney ordered to “freeze” all the spin-off of Star Wars after failure of Han Solo

If from the beginning the theme of the spin-offs of Star Wars were an idea quite questionable, now the stories satellite of a galaxy far, far away are in strong trouble. And is that after the failure of Only: A Star Wars Story, the managers of Disney was ordered to suspend everything related to this new aspects of films inspired by the universe created by George Lucas.

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So reports the site Collider , citing “sources”, who revealed that the management of Lucasfilm stopped the plans of more spin-offs in order to focus their efforts in Episode IX of the franchise, which will give conclusion to the third stage of the trilogies gained that revolutionized the science fiction of the past century.

According to the same site, the rumored spin-off on Obi-Wan Kenobi was already in development under the supervision of Stephen Daldry; it was also known that the director James Mangold was in talks to make the film of Boba Fett, but this was all before the disappointing performance of the film Han Solo will force Disney to reflect on the desirability of the alternate histories.

The initial excitement generated by Rogue One and the 424 million dollars they raised in the world during their first four weeks, was significantly affected by the 192.8 million that met Only in the same period of time, far below the projections.

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