Wireless devices that stimulate the creativity

The fear of the folio blank. The minimum noise that distracts us. The idea that comes to our head. If the inventiveness is one of the human traits par excellence, there are instances in which the ideas do not flow or concentrate. Moments in which, simply, the brain is not with us.

The associate professor of the Technical University of Denmark, Balder Onarheim, combines neurobiology, which examines the functioning of the nervous system and its impact on our behaviour, the study of creativity to solve. The result is PlatoWork, a device that ensures “push” the brain to focus on the work that is performed at that time. The helmet, which could be defined as a brainable, it is placed on the head and transmits microcurrent by means of electrodes to stimulate certain areas of the brain. Known as neurostimulation, non-invasive, this technique of stimulation transcranial direct current has proven to be useful in cases such as insomnia, depression, and cognitive training.

“Neurostimulation works, but is not magic“, pointing from PlatoScience, the startup founded by Onarheim and from that develops the product. Our brain fulfills its function, and the neurons generate electrical signals. What PlatoWork ago, explains Onarheim, is to facilitate that those discharges are generated in the brain areas that are convenient. The device, which is wireless, connects via bluetooth with a smart phone with which, by means of the relevant application, you can choose the perfect mode of stimulation required.

Throughout the development of the product, Onarheim and his team have conducted 76 trials with 39 subjects, although all of in a laboratory. According to the team, the qualitative results (the subject claimed to perceive an improvement) were good. The quantitative results, in contrast, changed something in PlatoScience attributed to the peculiarities of each individual.

Onarheim seeks to bring now the device on the market and, for their part, validate out of the lab the product with the feedback of the customers. The first commercial version already can be booked at 253 euros. Is there a danger then that becomes a placebo? Onarheim defends the worth of the neurobiological investigations. Even in the case that someone does not work, he points out, only wearing a helmet because it would be a resolution deliberate and active to alter a habit.

To Onarheim, creativity is the solution to many of our problems. However, while a minor is capable of imagining entire worlds, an adult no longer. The inventive, like so many other things, it decreases with the years, school and work. Find a way to make it strong, get it that child that was to come again, is to Onarheim the initial step to a better future. The rest, is in our brains.

Source: Opinno, publisher of the MIT Technology Review in Spanish

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