These are the most remarkable products of CES 2018

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is in full swing and we love you every day at the height of the latest developments and news from the show floor. These are the funniest, craziest, and best gadgets that we have so far encountered.

Everything must be big, bigger, biggest

One thing that we have noticed this CES is that everything is bigger. Admittedly: we are, of course, also in Las Vegas, where ‘bigger is better’, but on the show floor and at the various stands, we see that companies also for consumers to bet on large products. As demonstrated by Samsung is a mega large MicroLED-tv, and has Acer a extra-large gamingmonitor with include streaming feature support released.

LG demonstrated at the booth for a very special tv, namely the one which the screen can be rolled up, so you’re not constantly against a black screen, have to look. One drawback: the in – and roll-out of the screen, however, is not so fast, so quickly, the tv attempts to turn as soon as it to watch the news, there is not.

However, that does not everything need to be proved Sandisk: they showed the smallest usb drive of 1 TB. Unfortunately, if you are interested in this product, you should wait a little longer: the company has not yet announced when or if this usb-stick is released.

Many aimed at gamers

Gamers are, of course, just consumers, so it is not surprising that the CES also is shown by the various gaming companies. We called the large Acer Predator Big Format Gaming Display, but also other manufacturers launch new products. Such as ASUS, which are new line gaminglaptops introduced and a special gadget, the Bezel-Free Kit.

Normally you have to play games, a controller or a keyboard and mouse. But not if the startup Xenoma from Japan. This company showed at CES, namely, a smart t-shirt that you – if you ‘m attracts – can use as a game controller. Finally, so also a bit physically move while gaming instead of long down on the couch.

Watch tv on format

Watching television is not yet dead, as if we were on the CES, existing manufacturers are to be believed. Linear tv viewing is however on the wane, but your own videos or one of the many streaming services, you look, of course, preferably on a large television. The trend of larger displays for tv’s convert. It is remarkable that at the CES models shown virtually borderless, thanks to new techniques if MicroLED have screens, much less technique is required for the display of pixels, allowing tvs to be thinner and hardly even a border. Also Sony showed at CES its new Bravia line, as well as a number of new soundbars in the new models.


Watch tv on format

In 2017, we saw more and more products that are equipped with spraakassistentie, and also at CES are new products launched. Remarkable news was that Amazon is now also for Windows 10 and an Alexa app will be released. Why? Windows 10 has been a voice assistant(e) in the form of Cortana. Only: Cortana is still not available in the Netherlands, causing an Alexa app for Windows 10 may still be a useful addition.

Of some products is still the question of whether it would make sense that you’re able to talk. As the new mesh router from ASUS , for example. The Lyra voice, however, as a speaker, so he looks great in your living room.

Alexa is in a lot of new products were integrated, but we forget that there is another player in the market: Google. The service Assistant is available on all Android phones and offers a range of convenient options. At CES the company announced that Google Assistant will also on products other than smartphones being released, such as televisions and headphones. Also the in-car system, Android Auto will be provided with an update, so you are also a la Michael Knight against your car can talk to.

Imagine yourself in the world of virtual reality

Although Virtual Reality in the right environment and with the right equipment, the best of fun, want it – at least for the consumer market – not really get off the ground. VR is, however, becoming more mature. At CES 2018 is VR as in previous years – is also discussed.

Products will be more affordable, enabling VR for consumers may be of interest. Google and Lenovo in any case, good decor with an affordable and computer or smartphone-independent VR headset, the Mirage Solo.


Little smartphone-news

 In the field of smartphones, there is until now not very much special to report. However, came from quite an unexpected corner still news about the launch of a number of new phones. Sony says its Xperia line , namely, has not, and brings Vivo, a smartphone market in which a vingerscanner at the front of the screen is processed.

Also special is this concept of gamingmerk Razor. They showed at CES a combination of smartphone and laptop to: Project Linda. The Razer Phone in a dock of the laptopbehuizing be placed, and then the laptop can be used and the phone is for cpu power and the (mouse)operation.

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