Where was your house or your town in the Pangea millions of years ago? This page tells you

The Earth has not always been the peaceful and calmed planet that we have today. Some time was an ardent rock and within its evolution, its crust has undergone several transformations, for example, several million years ago the continents were all together into a super mass territorial call Pangea.

What’s on the other side of the Earth directly below your feet? This site tells you

Have you ever wondered where was your home, your city, your country or your locations favorite of the Land in Pangaea? Fortunately the engineer Ian Webster asked the same question and I think a digital platform full to relieve the itching of all curious that I would like to know the answer.

The site created by Webster shows the development of the earth’s surface at random intervals for over 700 million years and up to 20 million. The specialist used the data from Gplates, a project study that reveals the movements of the tectonic plates over the years on the Earth. In addition to the data of Dinosaurs.org one of the digital files more extensively about the ancient inhabitants of our planet.

The platform includes several options for specifying the search, from different periods in time, to add or remove clouds, put to rotate the planet or change the appearance of the surface of the earth if you are looking for life-forms like dinosaurs, corals or vegetation. In addition, each period is accompanied by a description of the Land. For example, if “traveling” 150 million years ago, you will be in the late Jurassic.

“It would be more accurate to show an outline of the movement of the plates, more simply, in place of a version of artistic Earth. But there is a certain thrill in seeing the Earth 750 million years ago, like a balloon,” said Webster of his creation to the site Hacker News Webste. Do not stop giving it for a spin and tell us what you think of the exercise.

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