Two social networks have been lawsuits to collect data from children

The collect data, it is an illegal situation because it is making use of information that users are not allowed, however, it becomes more delicate when it comes to children, because they are totally innocent of what happens to you while surfing on the net.

This is mentioned to understand a little of the recent accusation that he is living Google and Twitter, after which the attorney general Hector Balderas, state of New Mexico, to investigate the manner in which Tiny Labs, used the data of their users, most of whom are children.

Apparently a point has no relationship with another, but yes, it is as well, since the company is Tiny Labs, which produces online games for little ones, has a nexus commercial with several companies to promote their titles, those involved in this are precisely Google and Twitter.

These, in addition to three other companies, are part of the lawsuit that has been filed the creator of the app Tiny Lab Productions, which explains that the companies advertising online should be avoided that the data of the users, especially of children under 13 years of age, be used illegally by hackers, and traffickers of information.

After the above, many will wonder why is this inculpando to the platforms, and the answer is that Google ranked their games in the family section of your store, while Twitter, the marketing on its platform.

An extension “official” MEGA was stealing data of the users

In this way, it was in violation of the law to be compiling the data of its young gamers, who do not have prior explicit and verifiable from their parents, could not be investigated to obtain your name, email address and where they live.

In this situation, all of the companies have come out to comment that the statements have no basis, because it is not in violation of the law, since they are not responsible for what is happening to the children of New Mexico.

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