Echo Auto and all the other devices launched by Amazon with Alexa

A new ecosystem that takes Alexa to where we had never seen, Amazon today announced at least 14 new devices in around your personal assistant and with the novelty of having hubs for cars, in the microwave oven, electrical connectors, or even in a wall clock.

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Since several days ago it was filtering out information on new devices created by the company of Jeff Bezos, and the common so-called was always to introduce Alexa to new environments, but now the full list was revealed for the Amazon and among the surprises is the Echo Auto, a new hub for automobiles.

Even earlier circulated information on its first subwoofer, and a controller electric voice, although it is said that all of these presentations would be part of the event that announced for the coming October 11. Let the rumors and review the list of point what Amazon introduced today and is expected to begin to come out to the public in October.

Echo Auto

Finally Alexa gets to the car. The personal assistant will be cars with this new system that will hear and send your messages while you are driving. It will also allow to connect with all the devices connected in your network so that you can perform tasks and remote controls when you’re, say, in a traffic jam.

Price: 24.99 usd

New Echo Dot

Their sound is 70% stronger and much more clear; it also adds a driver 1.6 inches larger than its predecessor. Retains the connections Bluetooth and auxiliary cable if you need.

PRICE: 49.99 usd

Echo Input

It is an extension of the drivers that you already have, but with a microphone near-field to give commands to Alexa. It is much more subtle and takes up less space.

PRICE: 34.99 usd

Echo Wall Clock

A wall clock with Alexa, will set the alarm, timer or simply view the time, although you can also ask it with the voice command. Has bluetooth and can connect to any Echo.

Echo Sub

Also you speak of this. A ‘subwoofer’ could solve the problems of their brothers with the quality of the sound and to cover the band that was starting to take advantage of Apple with its Homepod.

PRICE: 129.99 usd

Echo Plus (second generation)

The renovation of the Echo Plus also featured in the ads of today. Among its updates is for better sound, the ability to operate as a hub to connect other devices in your home. It also has temperature sensor which can activate routines pre-programmed in Alexa.

PRICE: 149.99

Microwave AmazonBasics

Not only will heat food, but you can program presets with Alexa so that your food is always as you want it. Has the function to Alexa Connect Kit, which includes a WiFi module and Bluetooth LE to connect to this appliance with the cloud, which enables dozens of voice commands for quick access to cooking times and recipe.

PRICE: 59.99 usd

New Echo Link and Link AMP

Two new products that break a little with the line of this generation. The Echo Link is a small box with multiple inputs and digital and analog outputs and will be compatible with your computer of current music. You’ll be able to control the music selection, volume and playback using the voice through one’s own Echo, or to the application of Alexa.

PRICE 199.99 dollars

Amazon Smart Plug

Of this such talk. It is a plug in the smartphone which will enable its users to control the expenditure of energy and control it. You can schedule routines through Alexa to manage the current devices, no more plugging and unplugging to save energy.

PRICE: 24.99 usd

Alexa Guard

Part of the strategy of Amazon to safety in the home, this is a new feature that enables all the devices Echo is to help users to protect their home. Sends alerts smart, audio clips, sounds suspicious, like glass breaking, and has smoke alarms. Is activated by voice command and can be scheduled power-on of lights during the absence of the inhabitants in patterns that look natural and pretend that there is someone at home.

Echo Show

The tablet with speakers (or speaker with screen, as want to see) is renewed with a larger screen of 10.1 inches and new features such as support for browsers such as Silk and Firefox that allow you to access the Internet and browse in services such as YouTube.

PRICE: 230 dollars

Fire TV Recast

Another renovation, now features new channels like ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC, plus a DVR to record broadcasts. It is also thought to integrate with the ecosystem of Amazon and is compatible with the tablet Fire. This version has a storage of 500Gb, but ahead of approaching a version of 1TB.

PRICE: 299.99 and Partners.

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