Ecommerce entrepreneurs’ problem no one talks about

Is it a clickbait title? It might be. But let’s face it, this is happening to each one of us having to deal with ecommerce.

How so, you ask? Let’s break it down:

As a frequent user of multiple apps like Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Facebook Ads and several other apps, I often find it extremely difficult and time consuming to login to multiple applications and gather the data and keep it in spread sheets for further analysis and get actionable insights from the data. Also, I had to send this consolidated data to my partners or consultants as well.

Being a person working on multiple projects including managing Ecommerce stores, I felt the whole process very much time consuming and tedious.

This is how my day starts on a usual weekday or sometime every-other-day. Open multiple tabs and logon to Google Analytics first and see how many visitors have visited the previous day and make a note of the data and compare it with previous weeks/days data inside Google Analytics. Then I move on to Alexa page and see if there is any improvement in my page rank or if any new backlinks have pointed to my site. Being a frequent user of Mailchimp and other Email Campaign providers, its common practice for me to logon to Mailchimp and see the Reports of the recent campaign to see if there are new audience opened my emails or to see how the internal links in my email campaign are visited. Then like you and me, I go to my Facebook page to see the number of likes and logon to Twitter/Pinterest to see the latest stats.

I handle some Facebook Ads and Google Adwords as well (obviously), so I need to pull this data too and see how the new ads were performing and see what actions need to be taken. After this I usually get on to Moz and see how the backlinks are coming to my site or SERP ranking improvements for the keywords of the products I am selling on my Ecommerce store. Then I logon to my Shopify store to see the number of orders in the previous day and sales amount.

After all this process, I combine all these data metrics and see what actions need to be taken and list down the actions. My action items include a wide range of tasks from blog posting to getting Shopify issues fixed along with setting up ads and email campaigns and contacting my proof readers for my new draft posts.

Apart from doing all this, I also need to keep an eye on my competitor data be it number of likes or new content.

I spoke to a good friend of mine who is in similar shoes and realized that this is a daily problem for him too. [voila moment]

After doing this for several months, I thought of automating the whole process without using complex frameworks. So, I started with a simple batch script that just open all my requested urls in multiple tabs.

That saved me some time of opening urls manually but the main problem of logging into multiple applications manually and extracting the data and making actionable insights is still a pain. I spoke to some people who has similar issues and thought of building a product which will show you all your data in one place along with historical data and insights.

I started contacting some people on this and realized that each single person has some or the other problem similar to this. Some people who are working on Apps want to get their data from Google Play Store and iOS store and see their ranking in third party tools. Some people are using Woocommerce and some using Magento. Soon I realized that people wanted a single dashboard to pull all their data for better insights.

So, I started thinking more deeply on this and made a list of the top apps that people want to see their data inside dashboard and started working on the new product is born.

If you ever faced similar issue with having data to be pulled from multiple logins and multiple places, should be the tool you needed. You can get all your data related to Analytics, Facebook Ads, Email Campaigns, Ads data, Keyword SERP Rankings, Moz Data and data from many other apps at one place in your 8dash.IO dashboard(and then you’ll say, c’mon bro there are already tools doing this). The fun part is that we are working on adding custom tips on how to improve those metrics too, your own little AI consultant. Sounds pretty good, I know.

Now, why don’t you sign up at for early and free access?

Let’s save some time together and focus on the things that matter.

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