The U.S. could have a new Space Force, and you can help choose your logo

Recently, president Donald Trump, announced that the united Stateswill expand its armed forces to all over the country and the space, literally, are protected from internal and external threats.

May sound like a far-fetched idea, but the administration of the present ruler, thinks that the security of the space should be veiled by someone, and who better to be a new Space Force that is responsible for everything that happens out there.

In a press conference that took place yesterday at the Pentagon, Mike Pence, vice-president of the U.S., unveiled the plan that was developed in the White House, where it has been said that it is important to take care of the space, because it can be used as a new field of battle:

“The time has come to establish an Army Space. This document sets out the exact steps to take to create a Space Force”.

In addition to this news, Pence explained that they have been given several indications to the Capitol to begin to approve funds that will require such a plan; the requested amount are 8,000 million dollars.

The idea was raised, but it still needs Congress to approve this initiative for it to become a reality, however, this has not stopped the Political Action Committee (PAC) of Trump, called Trump’s Make America Great Again Committee, who have launched a series of logos that could identify this new division of the Armed Force and the uniforms of the people who would be the brigade in space.

The logos presented are inspired by the NASA (National Administration of Aeronautics and Space), which is not a surprise to see a similarity between them, in addition to this, he joined one that includes Mars, hinting at that with Trump at the helm, the country will reach the red planet.

With this basis, it would not be a surprise that the images also form part of the goods which are created, bought and sold, the supporters of the president; we will have to wait to be given a resolution to this case, but while that happens, tell us what is the logo that they like the most?

This is the plan of NASA to defend Earth from asteroids deadly and Partners.

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