First maaltijdbezorgdrone spotted at Horecava

At the trade fair Horecava is the first Dutch maaltijdbezorgdrone spotted. Food Truck Company and retail chain Droneland presented the drone in the Amsterdam Rai.

Hans van den Bosch, staff member at Food Truck Company, is excited about the future of home delivery. “The technology has been there for a while, but by legal regulations-you can’t just a drone to bet,” said Bosch. The companies hope to this summer event locations food to be able to deliver by drone.


It is striking that horecaondernemers are enthusiastic about the deployment of drones, while actiecamerabedrijf GoPro understand 200 to 300 jobs are going to delete – mainly in the department of drones. GoPro has years of successful action camera for the consumer market as professional filmmakers.

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