Actor Billy Dee Williams will return in Episode IX of Star Wars

According to The Hollywood Reporter, actor Billy Dee Williams will participate in the next tape of the successful saga, and his return will be fair to return to give life to the beloved Lando Calrissian, who was present in the original trilogy of Star Wars.

After several rumors that claimed that the production would bring back a character that was within the first three tapes, today is when arises the name of Billy, who indicates you will arrive to burn the movie to be released in December 2019.

In the same way two independent media strengthened this so-called news, because I was told that the interpreter is preparing physically with diet and exercise to give you a good image to Lando.

The intervention of Williams is considered a physical return, as they had previously lent his voice to the youth-friendly version of his character in the animated series Star Wars Rebels, in addition to some video games of the franchise.

The theories of its role in the new history suggests that it will be one of the main protagonists, as it is considering how important it was to Have Only: A History of Star Wars and the way in which Donald Glover performed there, giving it a great weight.

Disney denies that they have “frozen” the spin-off of Star Wars, but…

Related to this, and after the death of Carrie Fisher at the end of 2016, Lucasfilm would be taking advantage and bringing out the most juice possible to the last character that had the original trilogy to call the attention of the fans and create nostalgia.

With this role, Billy Dee despegaría once more his career, because after being in Return of the Jedi in 1983, and in the Batman movie that made Tim Burton, where she played Harvey Dent in 1989, he had more important roles and/or iconic.

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