The actor who achieved success in spite of the cerebral palsy (I suffer from the same condition his character in Breaking Bad!)

The actor rose to fame for having played the son of Walter White in the critically-acclaimed series Breaking Bad. His character, Walter Junior, was suffering from cerebral palsy. What not everyone knows is that the actor also suffers from this evil, and that in addition, as if that were not enough, he had a bad childhood.

In here his remarkable story of overcoming.

Rj Mitte was born in Louisiana, Usa, in 1992. Within A few weeks of birth, was delivered to his adoptive mother, Dyna, who had to raise him alone because they had been separated from her husband Roy soon after the adoption.

When RJ was just three years old, the doctors told Dyna that small was suffering from cerebral palsy permanent.

While Dyna raised also to Lacianne, his newborn daughter, he began to take RJ to treatments to alleviate the disease: therapies of the language, exercises to strengthen the muscles and use of prosthesis inmovilizaban the legs of RJ for having his ligaments and tendons.

But the drama of RJ Mitte and his family didn’t end there: when the small Lacianne had only a few months of life, Dyna had an automobile accident that left her partially paralyzed. This led to RJ, who was just 11 years old and a life-limiting illness in tow, I had to perform works to bring money to your home: cutting the grass of the houses in the neighborhood and helped the neighbors, who gave him small tasks. In addition to having to take care of the household economy, RJ had to take care of his little sister: diaper change, feed her, dormirla, since his mother could not do it.

At the age of 14, RJ decided to stop using the collars for your legs and all kinds of crutches.

Anything else that you can’t rely too much can become a crutch. And, with disabilities or not, when you trust too much on something, that is what you paralyze.

RJ Mitte

That year, the family moved to Los Angeles. In order to get friends, RJ began to study acting and to seek roles in tv series and movies.

Her illness was a great obstacle in your way, but it turned out that his agent, Addison Witt, who also suffers from cerebral palsy, encouraged him to continue training as an actor. After a time, the chain AMC contacted to participate in Breaking Bad. The program’s creator, Vince GIlligan, hesitate to hire him because the character of Walter White Junior was suffering from the disease in a way more increased, with the need of crutches and serious difficulties in the speaks. But RJ Mitte demonstrated to him that could interpret the role to perfection.

In the first season of Breaking Bad, a scene shows a group of teenagers making fun of Walter White Junior. This scene, for RJ Mitte, was very familiar: small suffered bullying for being different to their peers, who behave aggressively and, even, came to break a hand.

After jumping to fame thanks to Breaking Bad, and thanks to his effort and the support of their loved ones, RJ Mitte became the spokesperson for the campaign I AM PWD, which struggle for inclusion in film and television actors with a variety of disabilities.

From sent to RJ Mitte all of our admiration and of our desires that we never lower the arms.

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