The asteroid skull back come close to Earth

The asteroid 2015 TB145 will approach to the Earth in the next few days. The meteorite, which was popularized as the asteroid skull for its resemblance to a human skull, was discovered in 2015, when he was captured in the Hawaiian telescope Pan-STARRS. That year, he spent some 486.000 km of the Earth just the day of Halloween, October 31, at a small distance in astronomical terms, although without any risk of collision. Three years later, the meteor gets closer to the planet, although this time will do so to a much greater distance, and also close to the All Saints ‘ day.

In particular, the 2015 TB145 will pass by the closest point to the Earth on the 7th of November and will not come close to our planet at a similar distance up to the year 2085. With a diameter of 600 meters, the key of its resemblance to a skull are the two craters of a few hundred meters that reflect some of the pictures taken from its surface.

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