The bank Nordnet said goodbye to Amelia, a virtual assistant with AI

The online bank, Nordnet, decided that it was time to end his relationship with Amelia, the virtual assistant of IPsoft, then it does not gain the desired results with that is I think in the beginning.

The situation of his dismissal originated from the Swedish bank partnered with the american company last year, because since this happened, we asked Amelia to fulfill new functions such as the incorporation of new clients and give them excellent service so that they were satisfied.

But unfortunately, the virtual assistant that had one of the systems of Artificial Intelligence more complex, did not comply 100 percent with their goals, so the firm chose to leave it aside.

Peter Dahlgren, CEO of Nordnet, said that the success of Amelia was good, but not as much as they wanted:

“We’ve tried it with clients, and the answer is correct, but not overwhelming, so we are choosing to prioritize other things within our approach of artificial intelligence (AI) in the short term.”

This is how the intelligent assistant leaves the ranks of the company, however, not everything is as bad as it seems, since it apparently has a new job at BBVA, another bank where the same way to provide digital services, focused on customer service; so all is not lost for her.

The Artificial Intelligence could reach the call centers of Google

If this outside little, a couple of months ago, in February to be exact, Credit Suisse also hired her to assist thousands of employees with technical problems and everyday life, or is that a door has been closed, but multiple windows are opened.

In this way is that it demonstrates that all is not lost for the AI, who in his time was one of the pioneers of the cognitive research, a fact that enabled him to have the most developed systems in the world.

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