The black circle of WhatsApp comes to Apple devices

A few days ago we informed you about a text bomb that began circulating on the WhatsApp for Android devices, which basically crashed the messaging app. It was a message that read: “If you touch the black circle WhatsApp you will be caught”, that is to say, that when you press the circle WhatsApp will locked and it will not be possible to use it, the problem is that after the black circle there is an additional message that says “dont-touch-here” (don’t touch here).

The dark future that is approaching WhatsApp

Of course many did not listen and fell straight into the trap. At the beginning a lot of what is reported as a virus, but in reality it was a emoji of a black circle that leads to hidden thousands of characters that the application of WhatsApp is not able to process, therefore, when you open it the app stops working.

Now the threat of dark WhatsApp arrived to your iOS devices, particularly iPhone and iPad, but not in the messaging application free of charge, but in the message application from Apple, iMessage. The emoji will be available for devices with iOS 11.3 and iOS 11.4 beta, and as was the case with the Android, the black circle blocks your App, although unlike its predecessor, does its sinister work without the need of touching it.

According to the site apple5x1.comat the moment, no there is a solution to this problem, but if we can avoid deleting the conversation of our terminal, that yes, we will need to access the messages from iMessages through iCloud in order to do so.

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