The autonomous car of Uber was not at fault in the fatal accident of Arizona

This Monday, jumped the news of the first fatal accident caused by an autonomous vehicle, in this case, a Volvo XC90 from Uber. An unfortunate accident that probably will be the first fully documented thanks to the cameras carried by the vehicle.

The first investigations have turned around what was believed in the first place and that had alarmed the whole world. According to the chief of Police of Tempe (Arizona), Sylvia Moir, “it is very clear that it would have been difficult to avoid this collision in any driving mode -autonomous or with pilot-human, given the way in which she came out of the shadows and into the road.” In fact, the accident occurred far away from a pedestrian crossing and at a point in time when it is dangerous to cross the road up by areas that are well lit for pedestrians.

The driver of the autonomous vehicle of Uber, which by law must be at the controls of the car to react in case of emergency, said that “it was like a flash, the person came out in front of him.” A witness which has been confirmed by the recordings of security of a Volvo.

In these images you see how the accident was “difficult to avoid”. You see the woman walk by dragging your bike through the median when trying to cross a lane was valley by the Volvo, Uber, which was going at 60 km/h in a section limited to 55 km/h.

Therefore, it seems clear that the first fatal accident documented by an autonomous vehicle was provoked by the victim and not by the car without driver.

Anyway, Uber announced Monday that it had arrested all the tests he was using autonomous vehicles to carry out the investigation of the accident.

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