The rocket Falcon Heavy, which failed to land ran out of fuel

When the Falcon Heavy from SpaceX took off on 6 February from pad 39A of the Kennedy Space Center of NASA in Florida, it was expected that the three thrusters of the first stage of the rocket returned to Earth and aterrizaran in a similar way to the rocket Falcon 9, the company. So it was with the two thrusters side, who returned in perfect synchronization to two landing zones in the nearby Air Force Station of Cape Canaveral, but the core crashed and burned.

That accelerator center, which is expected to land on the high seas in a ship, robotic, crashed when two of the three motors are not activated during a maneuver in the final landing, ” said Musk to reporters after the launch.

In his account of Twitter, Elon Musk has explained the reason that the motor does not operate: “there was Not enough fluid ignition to turn on the two outboard engines after several ignitions of three engines. The fix is quite obvious.” Although it has not given more details, it seems that the intention is to put more fuel in a future release.

The president of Space X, he added that it is building a third ship drone for landings on the high seas, in addition to those already deployed in the high seas of the east and west coasts of the united States, reports

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